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Hair Loss Evaluation

Once you have been affected by hair loss, it is important to select a physician with extensive experience in it’s evaluation and treatment, such as Dr. T.J. Giuffrida. Dr. Giuffrida will consult and evaluate you personally. He will investigate your cause of hair loss, discuss your diagnosis and individualize your treatment based on what is best for you. Dr. Giuffrida is board certified in dermatology, which is the only medical specialty with certified training in hair loss and scalp disease.

Patterned hair loss or androgenetic hair loss is the most common type of hair loss but there are many other scalp disorders that can cause baldness.

Below is a list of other causes of baldness:

Emotional stress
Nutritional deficiencies
Acute sickness
After surgery
Iron deficiency
Thyroid disease
Polycystic ovary syndrome
Immune system problems
Genetic hair abnormalities
Inflammatory diseases

In most cases, the cause of hair loss can be determined by a history and physical exam in addition to selective laboratory tests. In some cases microscopic examination of the hair or a scalp biopsy is needed to determine the cause of hair loss.

Hair DX

Hair DX is a useful screening test for men and women to predict possible future hair loss. It is done by simply swabbing the inside of the mouth and is painless.

For men, Hair DX is useful for predicting Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL). It is ideal for young men with a family history of hair loss that wish to know if they have inherited this risk.

In studies, men that tested positive with Hair DX had an 80% chance of developing future male patterned hair loss at some time in their lives. Men that tested negative had up to a 90% chance of not developing this hair loss.

For women, Hair DX is useful is determining if the hair loss is due to an androgenetic cause (Female Pattern Hair Loss or FPHL). This can help in diagnosing and treating hair loss in women since it is often more complicated to determine the reason for loss.

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