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Pre-Op Instructions


Preoperative Instructions

1.  Two weeks prior to the surgery, DO NOT TAKE aspirin or Advil/Aleve/Motrin.  You may take Tylenol (acetaminophen) in place of aspirin. Many medications contain aspirin, so please be sure to read all medication labels.

2.  Avoid supplements of vitamin E, multivitamins, herbal products, Ginkgo, Ginger, Garlic, Ginseng, and Feverfew, which can thin the blood.

3.  Vitamin C can be taken and may help with healing.

4.  If you use Rogaine, then please stop using it 2 days before your procedure.

5.  If you take Viagra or a similar medication, then please do not take it for 2 days prior to the procedure.

6.  Avoid alcohol for 2 days before and after the surgery, since it is a mild blood thinner.

7.  Avoid excessive sun exposure to the scalp for 2 weeks prior to the procedure.

8.  Avoid vigorous exercise, jogging, or workouts for 1 day before the surgery.

9.  If you have high blood pressure, please take your medication as usual before surgery, unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Giuffrida or your physician.

If you are taking broad beta-blockers such as Inderal (Propranolol), please contact Dr. Giuffrida as this medication may need to be changed to a select beta-blocker in advance of the surgery.

10.  If you are diabetic then eat at your normal daily schedule and take your medications as usual.

11.  If you are taking any blood thinners, please let the doctor know immediately, as they may represent a contra-indication to surgery. These medications include Plavix, Coumadin and Heparin.

12.  For best healing, please do not smoke for 1 week prior to and 1 week after your procedure.  Smoking may also contribute to poor hair growth.

13.  To help cover the donor area sutures, the hair in the back and sides of your head needs to be at least an inch in length.  The rest of your hair can be any length.  If there is any question about the length, then it is better to leave your hair on the long side so that we can cut it in our office to the appropriate length.

14.  Do not dye your hair within one week of your procedure as this may make graft placement more difficult.

15.  Bring a hat or scarf to wear after your procedure if you desire.

16.  If the upcoming procedure is your 1st procedure (or it has been more than 6 months after another procedure), then you should start to massage the donor area as follows:  Place your hands on the sides and back of the donor area and move the scalp up and down repeatedly for 5 minutes.  Do this a few times per day.  This will improve the flexibility of the scalp so that more hair can be transplanted.

17.  Please arrive on time on the day of surgery.  This is important for our preoperative preparations.

18.  Make arrangements for transportation home following the procedure since you may be receiving medications that can make you drowsy.  If you live out of town, our office can help you make arrangements for transportation and hotel accommodations.


The day of your procedure

1.  The day of surgery you may eat your usual breakfast but please make sure it is 1 hour or more before your procedure.  Please avoid caffeine in the morning (it can cause a fast heart rate and dehydration). You will be provided lunch.

2.  Shower the morning of your procedure and wash your hair thoroughly using your regular shampoo. Do not apply sprays, gels, or any other styling products to your hair. If you wear a hair system, please remove it prior to shampooing.

3.  Please wear comfortable clothing, preferably a shirt that can be buttoned in the front. Do not wear a pull-over.  This will prevent dislodging your bandage or damaging your grafts immediately after surgery.

4.  Be prepare to remove contact lenses before your procedure if you normally remove them to sleep.

Upon arriving to the office, each patient meets with Dr. Giuffrida in a private surgical room. Dr. Giuffrida explains the details of the procedure and marks the areas of the scalp that he plans to transplant. Once he has your approval, you are given a surgical gown and some medication by mouth to help relax. Dr. Giuffrida has selected surgical chairs that are specific for patient comfort during this procedure. Music and TV are also provided in each surgical room so that patients can listen to or watch their selection of choice during the procedure.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 305-461-9700.

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